True Blue Marathon 4


Our fourth event starts on Friday, December 26th at 12 pm EST. We're only allotting ourselves three days through the 26th, 27th and 28th, so if we don't finish any unlocked hours, we'll pickup on the following Saturday at 12 pm EST. If we're short-staffed or ill, then we may have to take breaks at night.

If you haven't seen us before, we're a group of friends dedicated to playing Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog video games while raising awareness and donations for charity. However, for this year, we're playing some classic (and horrible) video games from our childhood.

During our third event for Child's Play Charity, we raised $1,600. During our second event for Child's Play Charity, we raised $783. We raised over $1,000 during our first annual marathon for Extra Life. For this year, we're changing up the format. Viewers will now be unlocking hours of gameplay instead of game levels. While we play, we'll be raising donations and awareness for Child's Play. If you'd like to know more about Child's Play, we've placed a link at the top of this page.


We will play a maximum of 36 hours over a 3 day period because we're no longer in college and need sleep. :-)